Sakura 樱花牌 6支漫畫筆 xsdk-m6



Sakura Pigma Micron drawing pen. The first disposable technical pen to use archival pigment ink, the Micron range is favoured artists, writers and illustrators everywhere. PIGMA© ink has become the defining standard for reliable, permanent, archival quality ink. Archival quality ink is acid-free, chemically stable, waterproof, and fade resistant. No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers. Strong plastic tip is steel clad for strength and for use against rulers and drawing instruments. Archival quality ink - waterproof, fade resistant and chemical proofInk dries quicklyInk does not bleed through the thinnest paperAvailable in black ink 書寫繪畫塗鴉漫畫的好幫手 6支/組.(005=0.2mm, 01=0.25mm,05=0.45mm 及 08=0.5mm 线闊度 針筆,FB黑色科學毛筆, WHITE 0.4mm 白色啫喱筆') 具有耐水性、耐光性、耐藥性。 書寫繪畫線條流暢,粗細均勻。 墨水書寫 不易暈染。 獲得AP標誌,安全無毒。 適合:財務記帳,專業製圖.美術設計,特別適合漫畫創作.