Faber kneadable Art eraser 彩色素描擦膠

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可揉搓的柔軟素描擦膠 - 用於素描、彩色鉛筆、粉彩畫等細節修改與打亮 顏色:紅色、黃色、藍色 數量:1件 重量:23g 原盒: 18粒裝 CODE : #127120 SIZE : 3.8X3.8X0.9cm Kneadable Art Erasers are the perfect choice for correcting charcoal, pencil and pastel work. They are easily kneadable and absorbent and leave no residue behind.

Product Details

Product details

  • For correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel work, for cleaning slides and final drawings, extremely kneadable and absorbent
  • Available in red, yellow and blue

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